About Us

Ploinks, Inc. is a subsidiary of Vertical Computer Systems (VCSY).

VCSY has licensed its proprietary private communication platform to Ploinks, Inc. VCSY’s private communication platform is built using a number of patented and patent-pending applications and eliminates the central server component in communications over the Internet, as users have their own web server installed on their mobile device and can communicate with other users who have been selected as trusted friends. VCSY’s private communication platform is for users who seek to obtain a higher level of security and protection for their information and for private secure communication with other selected users.

About Ploinks® and The Puddle™

The first application built by Ploinks, Inc., using VCSY’s private communication platform, is Ploinks®, a private and secure communication application.

The second application built by Ploinks, Inc, is the Puddle™, a data synchronization and backup service.

About Vertical Computer Systems, Inc

Vertical Computer Systems, Inc. (VCSY) is an international company that develops and markets of application software, cloud-based and software services, Internet core technologies, and intellectual property assets through its subsidiaries with offices in the United States, Canada and Brazil.

Our business model seeks to integrate complementary software products, develop our internet core technologies, and distribution system of partners, in order to create a distribution matrix that we believe is capable of penetrating multiple sectors through cross-promotion. You can find more information on Vertical Computer Systems, Inc at: http://www.vcsy.com .

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