Last Updated: June 3, 2019

Ploinks, Inc. is working to prepare the iOS version of Ploinks® for release to the public. When the iOS Ploinks app is available for sale, it will be downloadable from the Apple App Store. Currently, Ploinks, Inc. is performing final testing to ensure the security and stability of Ploinks® for iOS within our ecosystem.

As we have communicated in our our periodic news announcements through our website and social media channels, our parent company VCSY (“VCSY”) has been building what we now call a “Private Communications Platform” while our Ploinks, Inc. subsidiary is developing Ploinks® applications that make up a private Secure Personal Capsule (“Ploinks SPC™”).

As noted in the SEC filings of our parent company VCSY, Ploinks, Inc. has an exclusive license from VCSY to utilize VCSY’s proprietary technology to develop and market private secure communications applications (such as Ploinks SPC™) for use between individual users within the United States only. This license does not include the enterprise and healthcare markets in the United States. Ploinks, Inc., is also developing “Ploinks for Business™” which is designed for individuals within companies and organizations who need to communicate directly and safely with customers, clients and fans (as applicable), but not for internal communications within an entity. Consequently, the “Ploinks for Business™” products are not considered part of an enterprise solution which would be used internally within a business or organization.

The VCSY Private Communications Platform incorporates new technology including patented and patent-pending inventions as well as proprietary trade secrets developed in-house. We believe that the VCSY Private Communications Platform (and products developed from this platform) create a unique value proposition to anyone who values security and privacy. We will be providing a product comparison that will demonstrate the differentials between Ploinks SPC™ and other sharing applications in the near future.

In sum, we and VCSY have been developing the Ploinks® products and the VCSY Private Communications Platform simultaneously, with both efforts being coordinated through constant communication between the mobile development and the platform development teams.

The development of the Ploinks SPC™ has presented major challenges. Since Ploinks SPC™ currently consists of two integral components, the Ploinks® mobile application and the Puddle™, we have had to meet two separate sets of standards of differing operating systems. With the Android-based Ploinks® mobile app, we have had to comply with the requirements of Google Play. Conversely, the Puddle™ is a Windows-based solution, which has meant we have had to meet Microsoft’s development standards. Interfacing the Android-based Ploinks® mobile app with the Windows-based Puddle™ posed an additional layer of challenges to our development teams, particularly with respect to encryption. Since Google and Microsoft have differing requirements for encryption, we have had to develop an encryption protocol for both the Ploinks® mobile app and the Puddle™ from the ground up to satisfy both sets of standards.

The typical design team at any major tech company (like Samsung or Verizon) has a minimum of 8 software developers (working strictly on the application) with additional assistance from other personnel in their organizations. Our team consists of Luiz Valdetaro, VCSY’s CTO for the VCSY Private Communications Platform, with Harold Frazier as VCSY’s Chief Mobile Development Officer, one Android developer, one cross-platform developer, one software test engineer, one UI/UX designer and one .NET developer. Despite this small group, our teams have been able to get us to a point where both the VCSY Private Communications Platform and the Ploinks SPC™ are in the process of being launched in accordance the technical specifications we set out to achieve.

While the Ploinks® mobile application was released in February 2017, it did not include the Puddle™, which was essential for the new concept and functionality that will be available in the Ploinks SPC™. The Ploinks SPC™ encapsulates all the power of VCSY’s proprietary technology and returns privacy back to the individual with secure communications, back-up, and storage solutions for personal information, data, and communications.

While the Puddle™ was released in September 2017, it only included the synchronization functionality but not the restore function. We expect to finalize and release this feature shortly.

The next major release will incorporate the full power of the Ploinks SPC™ with additional features that will significantly increase its functionality. VCSY’s management believes that there is no direct competitor currently available on the market than can compete with the full-featured Ploinks SPC™.

We are preparing a plan with our parent company VCSY for a marketing campaign to coincide with a full national launch, which will include (as mentioned earlier) a full comparison chart with several commercially available applications that offer various means of communication and sharing. To that end, we intend to raise additional financing (through VCSY and/or Ploinks, Inc.) to help with our marketing efforts and with our continued development of the Ploinks SPC™ and the VCSY Private Communications Platform.

Presently, the our key focus is the successful development and launch of the Ploinks SPC™ in the United States, which we believe will validate the strengths of the proprietary VCSY Private Communications Platform. Until the initial components of the Ploinks SPC™ are finalized and fully functional, we believe it will not be beneficial to focus on other forms of monetization through licensing and distribution. However, we have embarked on some introductory meetings with demonstrations of our technology to potential partners.

As mentioned in previously filed VCSY’s 8-K Reports with the SEC, the starting point of the spin-off process requires an audit of Ploinks, Inc. that is “current”. At the present time, the audit of Ploinks, Inc. will be for the period ended September 30, 2017. This audit is currently in process and should be finalized shortly.

Once the audit is completed, the Form 10 can be prepared. We estimate this will take 30 days to prepare after which it will be filed with the SEC, subject to its comments.

Since all of these steps are dependent upon one another and review of the Form 10 by the SEC, we cannot estimate the Record Date for the spin-off.

Before commenting on our Public Relations plans for Ploinks®, we believe a few key points are relevant to bear in mind:

Revenues from the Ploinks SPC™ will be generated through paid subscriptions. Ploinks SPC™ is a monthly subscription-based offering for individuals that want their privacy returned and safe secure communication.

We believe the underlying VCSY’s secure Private Communications Platform is a revolutionary platform since it uses components based not only upon patented and patent-pending technology but also uses trade secrets developed by our software development team. In other words, we believe that because our platform was wholly developed internally, our platform and associated products are unique.

It is important to note that the scalability of the VCSY Private Communications Platform has not yet been tested with high volume.

The success of Ploinks, Inc. lies in the ability to offer a true peer-to-peer viewing-only communication channel through the Ploinks SPC™ to millions of individual users where no centralized servers are involved, therefore minimizing direct fixed costs.

We intend to incorporate the foregoing points into our marketing strategy. Our goal is to develop and implement a controlled growth plan that will demonstrate our unique offering with the ability to be profitable with manageable volume of new users while ensuring the VCSY Private Communication Platform and apps like the Ploinks SPC™ always remain stable.

Part of our plan is retaining both an investor relations and PR firms to assist with the Company’s communication.

The Ploinks SPC™ customer is one who values their privacy and wants communications that are protected from existing privacy and cyber security risks. While nearly everyone enjoys the current social media communication environment, we believe a great and growing number of people feel a need for privacy of their personal information and communications.

In addition, there are various monthly charges that people do not consider in maintaining their personal data, including extra storage charges, cloud storage, costs for maintaining passwords, as well as the intangible cost of losing ownership of various proprietary artwork (i.e. images, photos, and videos). Ploinks® wants to be the go-to solution for individuals who want complete control over their personal data and communication.

The current $5 monthly subscription fee to use Ploinks SPC™ is an exclusive offer for initial users of Ploinks®. First, since this subscription is for the Ploinks SPC™, it includes the Ploinks® mobile app and the Puddle™ application for back up, synchronization and storage. We intend to honor this subscription structure for initial subscribers, but at some point, we may revise this subscription model. For example, we may offer different components of the Ploinks SPC™, separately, in the future. We also anticipate fee changes based on volume ranges and number of users for the Ploinks for Business™ offering.

Because with Ploinks®, you can take back control of your personal information with real privacy and security through Ploinks Secure Personal Capsule™ (Ploinks SPC™). With Ploinks SPC™, you gain the advantage for sharing a truly private photo or message from your device through Ploinks SPC™ so that you, and you alone, know who has viewing access to any photo or message you choose to share with other Ploinks® users. Your messages and photos in Ploinks SPC™ are secured and protected using our unique proprietary technology.
One of the biggest problems on the Web today is the anonymous nature of the Internet, which has led to severe consequences for individuals who are targeted by hackers (who, for the most part, are invisible until after they have done their damage).
By no longer allowing anonymous access. The Ploinks® user makes a conscious choice of what he or she wants to share and with whom. The user will share within a network of friends they voluntarily created. No information can mistakenly be viewed or shared with random users, because you are completely in control of who you share information with.
By no longer allowing anonymous access, the Ploinks SPC ™ user makes a conscious choice of what he or she wants to share and with whom. A Ploinks SPC ™ user will share information only within a network of persons they voluntarily created from their contacts. No information can mistakenly be viewed or shared with random users, because you are in complete control of who you share information with.

Any Android device with a 2-core processor or better, 512MB free space, and an operating system of Android KitKat 4.4 or higher.

Currently, Ploinks® works on any Android mobile device with an active SIM card and is currently available with the following US carriers: AT&T, Cricket Wireless, MetroPCS, Sprint, T-Mobile, Boost, US Cellular and Verizon Wireless. Other carriers will be added.

Yes, that is correct. Ploinks SPC™ is restricted for use only in the United States. A registered user who travels outside of the U.S. is restricted from using Ploinks SPC™ for international communications at this point in time.

Yes. Ploinks SPC™ users can only communicate with other users who have also subscribed to Ploinks SPC™.


For security purposes, users are identified as registered users by the Google Play Store through their user name, email address, and their mobile device phone number.
If you change devices, you typically maintain the same phone number, and if so, such changes will not impact your Ploinks® subscription. However, if you change your mobile phone number, you will be required to notify us so we can verify your subscription in order to continue providing you with Ploinks® on your new number.

Yes. The two numbers we generally foresee Ploinks® users having are a smartphone and a tablet. However, as a subscriber, you do have the option of registering two mobile phones to use Ploinks® as long as both devices are linked via the same Google Play Store account.

Ploinks SPC™ gives you complete control over who you share your content with so long as they are also Ploinks SPC™ users. Spread the word to take back your privacy! You also have the ability to delete viewing by another Ploinks SPC™ user of any content you have previously shared with them at any time with the click of a button.

Yes. Ploinks SPC™ was created to meet your needs for private personal communications with your friends—whether texts or images—that you want to keep under your control and private. Under Ploinks SPC™, you still have the ability to take a photo that is currently protected under Ploinks SPC™ and share it outside of our app. However, once you do this, the photo is no longer considered secure since you will have made a conscious decision to share it outside of Ploinks SPC™ protected environment through another application which does not have the same protection offered by our Ploinks® service.

Ploinks SPC™ is the first of its kind: a truly secure private capsule, which incorporates communication and protects your private data. As such, Ploinks® is not a social media or messaging application. We have created this product for anyone who values privacy and security of their own data. Everyday there is a substantial loss of control of personal data either by accident, hacking, or user ignorance. Since users can’t be expected to be security experts, using Ploinks SPC™ can give you the peace of mind that any comment, data or photo you create is protected within the Ploinks SPC™ and, if shared with another Ploinks SPC™ user, that info will at all times remain safe and within your personal control.

Ploinks® provides secure communication. Before Ploinks®, communications via texts or emails were not secure because they pass into and through the Cloud. Ploinks® is not an email application per se. Rather, Ploinks® is your own personal private communication channel: one that allows you to communicate with other Ploinks® users who are your friends. For simple communications (messaging, phone calls, and image sharing), Ploinks® is a secure substitute to commonly available email alternatives which are much more vulnerable to hacking, malware, spyware, spoofing, and spam. A big advantage of using Ploinks® is that you always have the option to delete any communication (texts, comments, photos) that you wish to keep private and any party that you previously shared it with will no longer be able to view it. In essence, if you no longer want someone to see a text, comment or photo you have previously shared with that person, that image or message will have vanished from view on their mobile device as if it were never there.

Ploinks® does not provide cellular companies with any information. Not only do we not have access to your private communications using Ploinks®, neither does your network service provider.

Ploinks® was built to provide the maximum level of security and privacy to our users.
Unlike other online sharing and messaging services, Ploinks has no centralized servers where your private communications and information are stored. In other apps with messaging and image sharing capabilities, your communications are sent to centralized servers and then forwarded on to the intended recipients (which often goes through another centralized server before reaching the intended recipient). These centralized servers can and have been hacked in the past, exposing millions of users’ private information to misuse. Hacking stories are a daily occurrence in the news. Ploinks® does not use centralized servers to exchange information, so the risks from hacking the Cloud to get your personal data (messages, images) are eliminated.

The password is designed to provide protection for your device. All of the content you create within the Ploinks® application is stored in a secure, highly encrypted repository that is located only on your device (and in the Puddle™ that you can install on your Windows PC if you choose to use this backup and storage solution that is included in your subscription to our Ploinks SPC™ service). Your content cannot be found anywhere in cyberspace. Using our password feature will protect your Ploinks® content from access by any individual who may use your device. In other words, by using a password to access the Ploinks SPC™ you gain a much higher level of protection on the data you store with Ploinks® if your mobile device is lost or stolen.

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