Friday, October 6, 2017

Ploinks, Inc. Launches Ploinks Secure Personal Capsule™ to give Individuals a Private and Secure Sharing and Storage Solution for Personal Information

Richardson, Texas, October 6, 2017--Vertical Computer Systems, Inc. (VCSY) (OTCBB: VCSY) announced today that Ploinks, Inc., a subsidiary of Vertical Computer Systems, Inc. launched its Ploinks Secure Personal Capsule™ (Ploinks SPC™). Ploinks SPC™ offers individuals a secure and private communications and backup solution so that they can shift their personal data and communications from cloud service providers to their own mobile device (smartphone or tablet) along with the ability to back up that information on their Windows-based PC using the Puddle™.

Another new and significant upgrade included in Ploinks SPC® is the ability to make secure and private phone calls. Ploinks® users may make phone calls to one another using our encrypted peer-to-peer calling solution.

“Launching the Ploinks SPC™ is a milestone for Ploinks, Inc,” said Richard Wade, President and CEO of Ploinks, Inc. and its parent company, Vertical Computer Systems, Inc. “With the Ploinks® mobile application and the backup and storage solution, Ploinks® users can have their own personal, secure and private space to protect and store their personal information and communications within Ploinks SPC™. Communication inside Ploinks SPC™ includes sharing of images, messages, with a true peer-to-peer solution that empowers the Ploinks® user with the ability to stop sharing any image or message with the single push of a button.” Consumers and professionals who have Android smartphones and other enabled Android devices can download Ploinks® and get their own personal Ploinks SPC™ by visiting or Ploinks® on Google Play. Ploinks SPC™ costs $4.99 per month per subscriber and allows for download of the Ploinks® mobile app on up to two Android smartphones or mobile devices and also includes the Puddle™ backup and storage application on Windows-based PCs.


Vertical Computer Systems, Inc. (OTCQB:VCSY) is an international provider of application software, cloud-based and software services, Internet core technologies, peer-to-peer solutions and intellectual property assets with offices in the United States and Canada. VCSY's main administrative software product is emPath™, which is developed and distributed by NOW Solutions, Inc., the Company's subsidiary. emPath™ is a payroll and human resources software application, which consists of a fully secure web based HRMS suite as well as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. Ploinks, Inc., another subsidiary of VCSY, is a private communications channel company which has developed Ploinks®. VCSY's primary Internet core technologies include SiteFlash™ and the Emily™ XML Scripting Language, which can be used to build web services. To keep up with the latest VCSY news and to learn more about our 16-year history of innovation, please visit and our Twitter feed at (or by searching for “@VCSYInc” on Twitter).


Ploinks, Inc., is a software company that develops personal private communications products. “Ploinks®” is a personal private communications channel, which, together with the Puddle™, a complementary product that provides a backup solution for personal data of Ploinks® users, form the Ploinks Secure Personal Capsule™. The company is also developing “Ploinks for Business™”, a private communication product for businesses who wish to communicate with their outside constituents, including fans, customers, clients and other third parties (like distributors). Ploinks, Inc. is a subsidiary of Vertical Computer Systems, Inc. (OTCQB: VCSY). To keep up with the latest Ploinks news, please visit and our Twitter feed at (or by searching for “@PloinksInc” on Twitter).

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